Technology & Innovation

The Need for this Invention: -

In many cases the electrical wall socket is not visible without external light support, usually people or consumer’s turn on the room light to identify the location or in general trying to find out the prong entry points to connect the plug. The identification of height, place on the wall, the alignment of grounding prong. Even after visual identification of socket location the process of connecting electrical plug does not end as the prongs on the plug have to be properly aligned with the positive (bigger) and negative (smaller) terminal of the socket. To help with overcoming this issue some consumers expose themselves to electric shock by trying to feel the location of the prong with their naked fingers to help in proper insertion of the plug. This is big safety issue which can lead to injury or even in some cases death. This issue was identified and demonstrated to me by the co-author of this invention. And demonstration was given showing how dangerous this situation can be. To make matters even more tricky some of these electrical wall sockets are hidden due to placements of various furniture pieces like Couches, Coffee Tables, Love seats, book cases in living room settings and similarly with wall curios, dining table and shelves in kitchens and finally very common side table and headboards of beds in consumers bedroom setting. 

Safety Concern:-

As explained in the need for this invention the safety aspect of this invention has been the major contributor to the thought process behind the engineering effort to design and implement the overall concept of integrating the light emitting diode (LED) within the socket architecture to help with self-illumination of this concept. The vital point in this invention is visual identification of location height place and prong polarity is all made to be self-identifying. These vital information are provided to the consumer without having the need to physically touching this socket thereby reducing the chances of electric shock and injury. 

Ease of use: -

This invention will help us all avoid these undesirable observations and reduce the risk of injury and fire due to improper placements of plus. This invention tries to bring the focus on helping consumers without any risk to connect the positive and negative improperly. The self-illuminating socket will help user to plug in without any need for extremal lighting. This invention (iLaws) will help elderly consumers in in daytime to locate socket.

Future State with LEO : -

The idea behind this invention is to design an light emitting diode to be integrated inside a Common socket design to use the internal 110V power supply to provide illumination from inside socket prong openings. This design takes existing architecture and power supply hardware and incorporates (piggy backs) on this hardware to provide visual aid for easy location identification of power socket. The design claim aspect of this invention is also to use translucent plastic housing body use this iLAS system as night light. As the power supply is controlled by internal hardware we can also integrate a light sensor to help keep this turned off during daytime